Ferrite magnets


Ferrite magnets are the traditional black magnets we know e.g. from office notice boards. However, the field of their application is much broader. According to the production process, they are classified either as isotropic (weaker) magnets or anisotropic (stronger).

More about ferrite magnets

Since 2006, we have been selling the magnets online in the British market

In our e-shop you can buy more than 28 various shapes and sizes of the ferrite magnets.
In our stock we have more than 1 500 000 ferrite magnets pieces.
By clicking on a magnet picture, ferrite magnets offer of a given shape is displayed.

Ferrite magnets parameters


The option to magnetize magnets in various directions as required by the customer.

Color magnets

We're manufacturing color magnets in five colors. The magnets are characterized by the Φ of 20 and 26 mm, thickness is always 5 mm.

Surface treatment

These magnets are not susceptible to corrosion so they do not require surface finish.


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